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Bali Kites

above are some kites compete on the bali kites festivals.

The Bali Kite Festival is an annual international kite festival held in July in Padang Galak area, Sanur Beach, Bali. Traditional giant kites (4 meters in width and almost 10 meters in length) are made and flown competitively by teams from the villages (banjar) of Denpasar. The event is a seasonal religious festival intended to send a message to the Hindu Gods to create abundant crops and harvests.
Bebean (fish-shaped), Janggan (bird-shaped) and Pecukan (leaf-shaped) are three traditional kites flown during this kite festival. The kites are flown by teams of 10 or more adult kite fliers. The Bebean is the largest kite, and looks like a broad-mouthed, split-tailed fish. The Janggan form has a broad flowing cloth tail that can reach more than 100 meters in length. The Pecukan requires the most skill to fly, as its unstable form often tumbles towards the ground. Red, white and black are traditional colors used in the kite's designs. Each type of traditional kite has its own competition, with heats of 10 teams vying for the best launch and longest flight. Sometimes the kites come down over the adjacent rice paddies, and the team members have to dash through the paddy to rescue the kite before it lands in the water.
A competition is also held for 'New Creation' kites which may include detailed three dimensional figures representing the Hindu Gods or sponsorship kites. Traditional and new creation kites are constructed from bamboo and cotton cloth.

In the dry season of June through August, the winds blow continually from east to west in most of Indonesia. Balinese children and adults fly kites in the vacant rice paddies during this period.
A gamelan orchestra plays music throughout the festival. The festival attracts many tourists and international kite fliers, along with many local spectators.

That was is a story of the kites festival, and the kites below is our handicraft that we try to sell for tourist, and all of our kites are knock down systems. we designed for shipping.

Images below are our kites collections, and designated for knock down system for shipping. and have been tested for flying .Nyoman Arnawa and his wife Ketut are the artisan of these kites, they live about 20 km from my house and old friends of mine, and we both try to sell our ideas and products through internet. 
code: Dragon 01
code: Java Dragon 03
code: Tiger 04
code: Eagle 05

code: Fish sock 06

code: Sail Boat 07
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