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welcome to the amazing handicrafts of Bali

We are the handicrafts makers community of bali, we live in the art regency of Bali, call Gianyar Regency, it is located in the middle of the island, about 30 km from Ngurah Rai airport, the international airport of Bali. Gianyar Regency is known for the central of art in Bali.
every village in Gianyar is good at something, one good at silversmith, one good at painting, one good at wood carving and so on.

we try to sell and promote our handicrafts, that rarely found in the art shop cause they are not so many people can make them. and some of our products that we have are ready in stocks and some are made to order.we are doing it, in fair trade oriented between the crafts and buyers and the traders.

Bali Evan Arts
By Made Parta
Painted by Made Parta, very weird and artistic family in Bali, these are the originals. inspiration coming from American Southwest, Picasso, Pop Art, and Asian tribal art to create eye-popping frames, furniture, candleholders, and animal sculptures, painted furniture at Bali Wild Furniture.

Coconut Carving
from Tampaksiring
coconut are the most tree grow in our island and nothing to waste in every singe parts of coconut tress, the leaves for offering, the coco for food, and oil and wood for house, the roots for furniture and with creativity we carve the coco shell for lantern, done by artistic carver we create coco carving lantern. more
Bone Carving
Bali Organic Jewelry
Our Jewelry are hand Carved and mostly made or organic material, made of water buffalo bone and , carved by very talented carvers. more
Wood Carving
Fine wood carving
this wood carving is very special, the motif are traditional balinese carvings which taken from Ramayana epic and other figures,like gods and bad spirits, and made of solid wood, the height can be up to 10 mt. more
Bali Kites
Hand made Kites
our kite are 100% hand made and have been tested to fly. knock down system so we can ship or export to outside bali. shapes in ,any forms like, sail boat, dragons, birds,butterfly and so on and also in many choices of color. more
CD-DVD Racks
hand made CD Racks
Made of wood waste from furniture factories and bamboo and we make a very creative things into CD racks or lanterns or flower vases, please browse our catalog and many choices of color. more

Water Fountain
Garden exteriors
this fountain are made of cement, with stone and shape in very creative forms. are used for garden decorations and exterior, they are so many choices and please email us for more designs.very creative products.!!

Bone Carving
Bali Organic Jewelry
Organic Jewelry, Body piercing jewelry manufacturer,
Body piercing jewelry made of horn,bone,wood,shell,coco shell etc that are natural in the environment, we are direct producer from Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia, so we guarantee with fresh price.
please see our catalog or email us for more designs!!
Bali Wind Chimes
Create Musical chimes
wind chimes has been a long time tradition of Bali people to make, we usually put them in rice fields to chase the birds away from eating the rice paddies. but now we make it into very special wind chimes that create a special music, very big and create amazing sounds. more
Bali Evan Doors
Really unique doors by Made Parta
My name is Made Parta, my imaginations is wild, that is why customers call me "Made Wild" I carve and paint all objects that I see, like doors and statues, frames and so on. and my style is different, please have a look at some of my collections here or visit our shop in Tegalalang bali for more collections. more

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