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Body piercing jewelry manufacturer,
Body piercing jewelry
made of horn,bone,wood,
shell,coco shell etc that are natural in the environment, we are direct producer from Tampaksiring, Bali, Indonesia, so we guarantee with fresh price.
please browse our catalog or email us for more designs!!

we are producer of hand carve organic body jewelry,specializing in expander,plugs and post earrings,etc. Most of our jewelry made of organic materials such as bone,horn,wood,coco shell,etc. we are located in Tampaksiring-Bali,Indonesia. we continue updating our designs and offer best price. maintain the quality consistency,
we don't put all of our products here in order to protect our designs, more designs available offline,please email us for serious inquiry
Our first priority is the communication between our customer and our company. We will inform you about everything during all process.

please email us for price inquiry, simply send us list of things you wish to order.
Hand carve body piercing jewelry manufacturer from tampaksiring-bali-Indonesia. more designs available offline. we will send via email.
hand carve organic horn piercing
Hand Carve Organic Jewelry, body piercing,Organic Plugs, direct from producers in Tampaksiring, Bali.
horn expander- 01
price: 3.2 US $
horn expander- 02
price: 3.2US $
horn expander- 03
price: 3.2 US $
horn expander- 04
price: 3.2 US $
horn expander- 05
price: 3.2 US $
horn expander- 06
price: 3.2 US $
horn expander- 07
price: 3.2 US $
horn expander- 08
price: 3.2 US $
horn expander- 09
price: 3 US $
wood expander- 10
price:2 US $
coco expander- 11
price:2 US $
coco expander- 12
price: 2 US $
coco expander- 13
price: 2 US $
please note: all above prices are in size 6- 10 mm
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body piercing Jewelry.

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