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We name our shop: Bali Evan. and My name is Made Parta I am married to Kutut Puspa, with 3 children .We have been doing this business since 1980's. our product have been changing since that time, range to accessories, home decoration interiors and so on.

I love color and try do to something really different art. that people can enjoy , like picture frames, mirror frames, statues, furniture and so on, that is why I decided to paint those objects in my style of panting. and then in 1995 I was really surprise that a lot of people really love my creations and they call me crazy and wild. and some call me made wild, cause "Made" is my nick name. I had so many project for that, and some people asked me to paint their house wall , or surfing board, or T-shirt. and there was one TV channel came to my house in Gianyar, interviewed me, and asked why did I have an idea of this kind of art.

But then everybody started copying my style of painting. and then so many similar things appear, if you would like to see deeply our products, please visit our shop in Tegalalang, Ubud Bali or our house in Jl. Kartini Barat Gianyar, Ph: 361-944907.and see the different with others, cause there are so many shops selling similar things.

If you are in Bali please visit our shop ( called Bali Evan) located in Jalan Tegalalang, Ubud Bali, there are so many of my creations, and at our house that I using for work shop as well, in Jalan Kartini Barat no 8 Gianyar Bali, Indonesia. please click visitor map

with this media, I am trying to promote and sell our unique products such as kites, bone carvings,wood carvings, Cd racks, stone arts coconut shell carvings and so on.
My hope is our handicrafts making skills can can be built into a profitable venture that will provide a future,education and support for their families.

house: and work shop: Jl. Kartini Barat no 8 Gianyar Bali
shop : Jl. Raya Tegalang. Ubud , Gianyar, Bali.please click visitor map

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